Hal Far Industrial Estate

           Spread over an area of almost 1,300,000sqm, this industrial estate is the largest one that INDIS administers. It is situated just a couple of kilometres from the Malta International Airport and the Malta Freeport, and thus with immediate proximity to air and sea freight services. A multitude of manufacturing operations is based in Ħal Far, including a cluster of companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry, another cluster in the plastics and products thereof, as well as other companies involved in the production of automotive components, steel and iron fabrications, and services to the oil and gas industry.

About Ħal Far:

Located within the southeast tip of the island, Ħal Far was home to the first permanent airfield built in Malta in the 1920s which was significantly used for military purposes, particularly during World War II. The airfield has since closed down, and one of its runways has been converted into the main road servicing the industrial estate.

Association present: Hal Far Tenants Association (HFTA)


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