Luqa Aviation Park

           Previously the home of Malta’s national airline, the Luqa Aviation Park is a complex of buildings that nowadays houses the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), as well as a wide variety of companies, particularly within the aviation sector given its immediate proximity to the Malta International Airport (MIA). The area is also home to our satellite office for our Estates and Facilities Unit, which is in charge of the maintenance and cleaning of INDIS industrial estates, and we also proudly host Air Cargo facilities and RyanAir.

About Luqa Aviation Park:

The Park is a reflection of Luqa’s close ties with the aviation industry, which commenced in the early 20th century when the British Royal Air Force established a base with runways in the locality. This was later transformed into a civilian airport in the post-war era, with more modern facilities being built along the years in the surrounding area to boost further the airport and the services it offers.

Area: 68,202 Sqm


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