Exciting Developments and Successful Project Launches by INDIS Malta

Uncategorized August 13, 2023 Test INDIS Malta is proud to share the recent milestones achieved in various ongoing projects. Over the past months, our efforts have facilitated significant progress in multiple sectors, reinforcing Malta’s position as a hub for industrial and economic growth. Here are some of the highlights: Racetrack Relocation Project In a strategic […]

Charting a Strategic Course: INDIS’ Vision for Economic Progress and Innovation in 2024

Uncategorized August 13, 2023 Test By Jean Pierre Attard – Executive Chairman of INDIS Malta Ltd. In the intricate framework of Malta’s economic landscape, INDIS Malta assumes a central role, directing the trajectory towards transformative growth and innovation. Our vision and strategic approach for 2024 seamlessly integrate operational excellence, economic foresight, and an unwavering dedication […]

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