Exciting Developments and Successful Project Launches by INDIS Malta

INDIS Malta is proud to share the recent milestones achieved in various ongoing projects. Over the past months, our efforts have facilitated significant progress in multiple sectors, reinforcing Malta’s position as a hub for industrial and economic growth. Here are some of the highlights:

Racetrack Relocation Project

In a strategic move to accommodate the new motorsport track in Ħal Far, INDIS Malta is overseeing the seamless relocation of two companies occupying 27,000 sqm. This project ensures uninterrupted operations for these businesses while promoting sustainable development. The new racetrack is set to boost the local motorsport scene, fostering both community engagement and economic benefits.

Pharmadox Expansion Project

April marked the launch of the Pharmadox Healthcare Ltd expansion at Paola’s Kordin Industrial Estate. This significant investment by local Maltese owners into their factory, which tests medications sourced from top-tier international companies, underscores the growing importance of the pharmaceutical sector in Malta. The expansion will enhance Pharmadox’s capabilities, contributing to the island’s economic resilience and innovation.

Libyan Delegation Tours Ħal Far and Bulebel Industrial Estates

INDIS Malta had the privilege of hosting Libyan Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohammed Al-Hawaij, and Minister of Marine Wealth, Adel Mohammed Sultan Hasan. The delegation toured several Maltese companies in the Ħal Far and Bulebel industrial zones to explore the potential for restarting exports to the Libyan market. These discussions are a promising step towards strengthening economic ties and opening new avenues for trade.

Information Session: INDIS x Malta Chamber

In May, INDIS Malta, in collaboration with the Malta Chamber, hosted an information session titled “Understanding Your Contractual Obligations.” This initiative aimed at fostering open communication and strong partnerships with our tenants. The session provided a platform for engagement, discussion, and feedback, and marks the first of a series designed to keep in touch with our esteemed tenants.

EU Startup Summit

INDIS Malta participated in the EU Startup Summit held at the MCC in Valletta on the 9th and 10th of May. Our Business Development and Communications departments promoted the Gozo Innovation Hub, meeting with local and international participants interested in establishing operations in Malta. This event aligns with our goal of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the industry and enhancing Malta’s innovation ecosystem.

ST Investment

ST Microelectronics Malta has announced ongoing investment in their Kirkop plant with the support of INDIS Malta. Processing 2.7 million chips daily and employing 1,800 people, ST is investing in advanced technology for testing and packaging digital chips for vehicles and various industries. This project includes implementing automated manufacturing powered by artificial intelligence, further positioning Malta at the forefront of technological advancements.

Magro Brothers Investment

Magro Brothers inaugurated a €12.5 million project in Gozo this May. This investment aims to enhance their production capacity and competitiveness in international markets. The project underscores the commitment to local economic development and the global expansion of Maltese businesses.

GIMAS Establishing New Factory in Malta

Turkish company GIMAS announced the establishment of a subsidiary in Malta for producing wind turbine components. With an initial investment of €7.5 million and the creation of 44 full-time jobs at the new facility in Ħal Far Industrial Estate, this project signifies Malta’s growing role in the renewable energy sector. INDIS Malta’s support has been crucial in realizing this significant investment.

Baxter Investment

Baxter Malta announced a substantial investment of €60 million for the relocation of three factories and the expansion of their existing facility. This project, supported by INDIS Malta, will create 180 new jobs and increase Baxter’s productive capacity by 20%. This investment highlights Malta’s attractiveness as a destination for major international companies looking to expand their operations.

easyJet Acquires SR Technics

easyJet has successfully acquired the SR Technics maintenance facility in Malta. This acquisition allows easyJet to conduct heavy maintenance on its fleet of over 330 aircraft locally. With over 400 skilled professionals joining the easyJet family, this agreement, facilitated by INDIS Malta, strengthens Malta’s aviation sector and enhances its capabilities in aircraft maintenance.

INDIS Malta remains committed to supporting these diverse projects, driving sustainable economic growth, and fostering innovation across the island. We look forward to continuing our work with various stakeholders to ensure the successful realization of these initiatives.

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