Ta’ Qali Artisan Village Malta

           The Ta’ Qali Artisan Village is a hub for a number of traditional, skilled artisans. Spread over an area of over 100,000sqm, the village is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike who visit to view the production of local crafts and artefacts such as lace, glass-blowing, filigree, jewellery, pottery, furniture-making, metal works, stone works and more.

This village is home to the Incubation Centre, inaugurated in February 2023, which is a centre aimed at helping artisans grow through classes and workshops in a dedicated area. It is also an office space for INDIS and the Malta Crafts Foundation [].

About Ta’ Qali:

Located under the imposing bastions of the old capital Mdina, Ta’ Qali used to house a wartime airfield used by the British Royal Air Force, part of which nowadays houses the artisan village itself. Ta’ Qali is also home to the National Park, the National Stadium, and other football facilities annexed to it, as well as a fairs and conventions centre.


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